Carr Angus Ranch is an elite, top-quality registered Angus producer in today’s market.

Possessing deep genetic ties to some of the world’s most coveted Angus cattle combined with the knowledge and experience of 3rd and 4th generation ranchers, we provide superior genetics for growing your herd.

Sired by industry leading bulls, our calves are selected for:

  •  Moderate birth weight

  • Accelerated growth

  • Performance testing

  • Docility

  • Maternal quality

  • Structural soundness

  • High carcass quality

  • High $ indexes

All of the bulls have been DNA tested with Zoetis Genetic testing to improve the accuracy of our data and give our customers a more reliable and predictable bull. We are strong believers in the idea that you need to use all of the tools available to you - so while we have worked to continually improve our EPDs through more accurate selection with this DNA testing, we have never lost sight of the basics - cattle that are sound, correct, and will produce calves with low input, always keeping the commercial cattleman in mind.

Our family Ranch is comprised of 1700+ acres throughout Central Montana. In addition to Angus Cattle, we produce alfalfa, hay barley, and market lambs… and a llama called Carl.